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“GEDfest started out as a way of keeping Canadian musical tradition alive. For many generations, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones kept the idea of Britain alive, as their music was distinctly British. America has Bruce Springsteen, and John Cougar, and Willie Nelson, along with many others who keep the “America” in “Americana” music. With Gord Downie’s passing, music that generations viewed as being distinctly and uniquely Canadian was in danger of fading into the past. GEDfest is as much about keeping past Canadian memories alive as it is creating new ones. It gives us a reason to come together, play music and share some fun times with friends, while giving back to those affected by cancer in our local community. This is what makes me especially passionate about GEDfest”

– Keith Dyck, founder of GEDfest.


Keith has nurtured a lifelong love of music that was awakened at the age of 7, when his mom took him to his first KISS concert. Keith spends his days working in the finance industry, while outside of work spending his free time with his wife and two daughters and pursuing his passion of playing the drums. The idea of GEDfest began after the passing of Gord Downie. Keith envisioned an event to honor Gord’s legacy, similar to the Terry Fox Run. One that could happen every year, grow and evolve, and embody the spirit of Canada while giving back to the community and to those affected by cancer.


Julie’s first concert occurred when her Grandpa Joe took her to the Winnipeg racetrack to see Sha Na Na when she was little. Music, travel and having fun have been the constant backdrop of her life growing up and continues to this day. Julie spends her days working in Oil and Gas, and her free time spending time with her family and friends. Julie and Keith started talking and dreaming immediately after the Tragically Hip’s last show in Calgary about what they could do to keep the memory of Gord Downie alive, and give back to those affected by cancer.


2022 Band.jpeg

Hailing from Calgary, AB, Trickle Down was born to play GEDfest. Jonathan Murin (guitar), frontman Dave Harris (vocals), Keith Dyck (drums), Ken Bilous (bass), and Jeff Hiscock (guitar), came together under the shared idea that doing good, and having a good time go hand in hand. Infusing their own unique style, they are a tribute band in the classic sense - through frontman Dave Harris, they seek to capture the energy, musicality, and spirit of the late Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip. All professionals by day, budding rock icons by night, Alberta’s premiere Tragically Hip tribute act Trickle Down shouldn’t be missed.

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